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A Saudi-based international company looking to hire an Ambulance Driver and a Surveyor Assistant. Here are the details:

Ambulance Driver:

  • Job Description: An ambulance driver is responsible for safely transporting patients to medical facilities in an ambulance. They need to operate the ambulance in a manner that ensures the safety and comfort of the patient during transportation.
  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Maintain the ambulance in a clean and operational condition.
    • Communicate effectively with medical staff and emergency services.
    • Keep records of patient transports and mileage.
  • Salary: $3,000 (per month or annually)
  • Benefits: It’s mentioned that benefits include food, accommodations, and transportation provided by the company, so you can expect to have your basic needs covered while on duty.

Surveyor Assistant:

  • Job Description: A surveyor assistant supports licensed surveyors in land surveying and mapping activities. They help gather and record data about land, construction sites, or other areas, often using specialized surveying equipment.

New NEOM Jobs

  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Assist in setting up and maintaining surveying equipment.
    • Help collect data, measurements, and field notes during surveys.
    • May perform calculations and computations based on survey data.
    • Keep records and document survey findings.
    • Prepare and maintain surveying equipment.
    • Ensure safety procedures are followed during fieldwork.
  • Salary: $3,000 (per month or annually)
  • Benefits: It’s mentioned that the company provides food, accommodations, and transportation, which can be valuable perks, especially if you’re required to travel for surveying assignments.

  • Safety Officer, Engineer, Supervisor, Civil Technician and Storekeeper Jobs
  • Contact Information: Eligible candidates for the Surveyor Assistant position should also contact the company via WhatsApp at the provided number: 0508772264.
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APPLY NOW: Send CV On WhatsApp: 0508772264

To apply for either of these positions, interested candidates should share their CV through WhatsApp to the given contact number. Please keep in mind that the specific salary for the Surveyor Assistant role is not mentioned in the provided information, so you may want to inquire about it when you contact the company.

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Please note that salaries and benefits can vary depending on the location, company, and specific job requirements. Additionally, the responsibilities and duties of these roles may vary, so it’s important to review the specific job descriptions provided by the hiring company for more detailed information

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