Shutdown Project Maintenance Team Recruitment

Tabeer Arabia Manpower looking for different positions for a shutdown project.

Job Descriptions:

Safety Officer:

  • Conduct regular safety inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations and protocols.
  • Develop and implement safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Conduct safety training for project personnel.
  • Investigate incidents and accidents, and prepare reports.
  • Ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained and utilized.

QC E&I Inspector:

  • Perform inspections on electrical and instrumentation systems and components.
  • Ensure compliance with project specifications and standards.
  • Conduct quality checks and inspections during installation, maintenance, and repair activities.
  • Prepare inspection reports and documentation.
  • Collaborate with project teams to address any quality issues or concerns.

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QC Civil Inspector:

  • Conduct inspections on civil construction activities, including structural, foundation, and concrete works.
  • Verify compliance with project drawings, specifications, and standards.
  • Monitor construction activities to ensure quality and safety.
  • Document and report any non-conformances or deviations.
  • Coordinate with contractors and subcontractors to resolve quality issues.

QC Welding Inspector:

  • Inspect welding activities to ensure compliance with project requirements and standards.
  • Verify welder qualifications and procedures.
  • Perform visual and non-destructive testing (NDT) on welds.
  • Monitor welding parameters and procedures.
  • Document and report any defects or deviations.
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QC Piping Inspector:

  • Conduct inspections on piping systems and installations.
  • Ensure adherence to project specifications and standards.
  • Perform visual and dimensional checks on pipe fittings and welds.
  • Conduct pressure tests and leak tests as required.
  • Prepare inspection reports and documentation.

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QC Mechanical Inspector:

  • Inspect mechanical equipment and systems, including rotating machinery, static equipment, and HVAC systems.
  • Verify compliance with project specifications and standards.
  • Perform functional tests and checks on mechanical components.
  • Monitor installation, alignment, and commissioning activities.
  • Document and report any deficiencies or issues.

Scaffolding Inspector TUV:

  • Conduct inspections on scaffolding installations and systems.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards.
  • Verify proper assembly and erection of scaffolds.
  • Perform load tests and inspections for stability and integrity.
  • Document and report any safety hazards or deficiencies.

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  1. Safety Officer – 10 positions
  2. QC E&I Inspector – 2 positions
  3. QC Civil Inspector – 1 position
  4. QC Welding Inspector – 3 positions
  5. QC Piping Inspector – 2 positions
  6. QC Mechanical Inspector – 1 position
  7. Scaffolding Inspector TUV – 1 position

Experience Requirement: Maintenance experience exceeding 5 years

Rate After Interview: Competitive rates will be offered based on experience and qualifications.

Immediate Mobilization: Candidates are expected to be available for immediate mobilization upon selection.

Required Documents:

  1. Valid Iqama copy
  2. Muqeem with a minimum 3-month validity (Printed from Muqeem portal)
  3. Passport copy with Visa Page
  4. Blood type
  5. CR Copy
  6. Agreement
  7. AJEER

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Document Submission: All documents must be submitted in color copy format.

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How to Apply:

For inquiries and document submission, please contact M at 0530112033 or email [email protected].

Note: Only candidates meeting the specified qualifications and possessing the required documents need to apply. Immediate mobilization is required for all positions.

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